Friday, February 28, 2014

FAQ's Updates

Word Count Increase – Program Summary
The Program Summary is being included in the word count so we are increasing the word count to 3,200 words. The Program Summary should be 200 words – but the software will not stop you from adding more words. Please restrict this answer to 200 words.

External Demand Definition
External demand is defined as anything outside the UA system. So the other MAU’s or Statewide and the community campuses are considered internal demand.

Uploading & Sizing Images
You can have up to 7 images in each function’s template.

There is a 2 minute video on how to insert images at the website and a 1.5 minute video on how compress your image size.

Make certain the image size is less than 1000 KB, generally 80 KB should be big enough.
·        In the write-up section there is an ‘insert image’ button.
·        In the Image Manager – create a new file folder for your function
·        Click on the file folder
·        Upload the image.
·        You should see the image in the write-up box. If you don’t, it didn’t work. If it is very large, resize the image to make it smaller and insert again.

Seeing A PDF Draft of the Template Write-Up
You can see a complete draft copy of your function template – and even save it as a PDF.

There will be a short video about this added to the website today.
·        Click on Reporting
·        Choose Program Write-Up Report
·        Choose Program Status ‘Drafts’
·        Select you program
·        Click Load Report
·        Read it in the browser or select the disk icon to choose a download option (pdf, excel, word, etc)

Seeing the Write-Up in a Form to Easily Edit
You can also look at the write up in a way that makes it easy to edit.

There will be a sort video about this added to the website today.
·        Move your mouse over Program Information
·        Choose Browse Program Information
·        Select Program
·        Choose Expand All to see the questions and the answers (this will not show any data charts you created). It is designed to let you quickly read what was written and click in to edit it.
·        The Program Summary does not show on this screen.

For additional information and training videos, please visit

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